Senior Art Director

Award-winning creative direction, business acumen,and leadership talent leveraged to deliver advertising and promotions campaigns in the entertainment industry.

Passionate, conscientious creative professional with extensive experience producing traffic-driving design projects from conception through launch. Perceptive designer
skilled in translating business requirements into appealing concepts evoking emotional responses. Tech-savvy art director nimble at adapting to new technology and design innovations. Accomplished professional inducted into the Art Institute of Colorado’s hall of fame in 2009.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Art / Creative Direction
  • Creative Design Strategy
  • Advertising / Promotions
  • Multimedia
  • Print and Digital Materials
  • Production Management
  • Photography Direction
  • Presentations / Pitches
  • Relationship Building
  • Staff Coaching and Training

Professional Experience

Senior Art Director, 2011 to 2020

Adeptly conceptualize creative elements of design projects involving print, digital, and multimedia components for advertising and promotions of programming and events at a major broadcast television network.

Create robust, focused design concepts applying knowledge of emerging trends in the creative and entertainment industries.Tactfully represent the value and capabilities of creative services to cross-functional teams in developing art campaigns. Translate project requirements and desired outcomes into creative strategies. Facilitate production of design concepts; directed photographers, illustrators,copywriters, and designers to produce print, digital, and multimedia materials.Ensure the timely completion of collateral to meet project milestones and business deadlines.

Selected Achievements:

  • Key contributor to multiple award-winning advertising campaigns boosting the Nielsen ratings for the time slot by more than one point.
  • Provided art direction on projects recognized with Graphis Advertising Annual awards; 2022 Gold Award; 2021 Two Silver Awards; 2020 Gold Award, Two Silver Awards; 2019 Gold Award; 2018 Silver Award. 2019 Clio Award. 2019 ProMax Award.
  • Persuasively pitched design concepts to stakeholders and leadership teams,
    building consensus through in-depth knowledge of design principles.
  • Consistently led design efforts for advertising campaigns successfully generating interest in major television premieres.
  • Sustained a knack for ideating fresh art for new TV seasons attracting viewers
    with enticing imagery.

Senior Art Director, 2005 to 2011

Skillfully provided creative direction in delivering compelling advertising and promotions campaigns for programming and events at a major broadcast television network.

Developed revenue-generating creative concepts; initiated, managed, and closed multiphase design projects on time and within budget. Accountable for artistic oversight of photo shoots,illustrators, copywriters, and production staff. Reviewed production materials,ensuring high-quality execution across various media. Fostered a collaborative work environment promoting cutting-edge design and advancing technical skills.Adapted to shifting business needs and accelerated timelines driving efforts to maintain market competitiveness.

Selected Achievements:

  • Credited with delivering a design campaign that resonated with audiences for the premiere of 90210; noted as the most-watched scripted series premiere for The CW.
  • Intuitively skilled in devising design strategies for television series premieres; captured some of the highest viewership figures in The CW history.
  • Strengthened expertise in using art to evoke emotional connections between audiences and entertainment content.

Additional experience as a senior art director for Shoolery Design, Seiniger Advertising, and Miramax Films/Dimension Films. Concurrent experience as a freelance art director for major entertainment clients.

Education and Affiliations

Master of Arts, Advertising
University of the Arts, London, UK  2022

Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Advertising and Design
Art Institute of Colorado, Denver, CO  1984, 2001
Inducted into School's Hall of Fame, 2009

Conceptual Advertising Coursework
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY  1992

Key Art / Design & Photoshop Instructor
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles, CA  2006-2007


Inducted into the
Art Institute of Colorado’s
Hall of Fame in 2009


Clio, 2019
Graphis, 2018-2022
ProMax, 2019
Foxie, 2015

Favourite Quotes

"Nothing is impossible,
the word itself says, 'I'm possible'!"
-Audrey Hepburn

"You can tell more about a person
by what he says about others than
you can by what others say
about him."  
-Audrey Hepburn

"Many a small thing has been
made large by the right kind of advertising."  
-Mark Twain

"You're never wrong
to do the right thing."  
-Mark Twain

"To design is to communicate clearly
by whatever means you can control
or master."  
-Milton Glaser

"Design can be art.
Design can be aesthetics.
Design is so simple,
that's why it's so complicated."
-Paul Rand

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